mtl is a diverse brand and we come in different shapes. But no matter where you find us we advocate the same values that have a healthy impact on our lives, such as enjoying a healthy food culture, taking responsibility for the environment, appreciating sustainable design, and building a community and subculture.

       Together with Bonanza Coffee, a specialty coffee brand based in Berlin, mtl Cafe&Bakery inspires a healthy food and beverage culture. mtl Select Shop introduces valuable products from local and international vendors, including mtl goodies, a curated book collection, accessories and home decor. mtl Design Studio supports other businesses with their branding, business planning, and graphic design.

mtl은 건강한 식문화, 환경에 대한 책임, 지속 가능한 디자인, 평등의 질, 커뮤니티 그리고 서브컬쳐라는 다양한 가치 아래 우리 삶에 긍정적인 영향을 끼치기 위해 노력합니다.

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(A) Hyochangdong 5-129, Seoul


mtl Hannam

Hannam-dong 743-8, Seoul
(M) +82 70 4113 3113
Mon-Sun AM 10:00 - PM 10:00

mtl Hyochang

Hyochang-dong 5-160, Seoul
(M) +82 70 4259 3113
Mon-Sun AM 08:00 - PM 09:00

mtl Dongtan

Dongtanyeok-ro 160, Gyeonggi

Lotte Department Store 3F

Mon-Sun AM 10:30 - PM 08:00/08:30